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Today Marks 2 Years

Hi guys! sorry it has been so long since I've last posted! Trust me so much has happened! I am thrilled to be writing again! Some of you may know this and for others this will be a complete shock. Two years ago 6 months into marriage Spencer and I decided we were ready to [...]

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Why My Wedding Didn’t Matter

Just like most little girls I had DREAMT about my wedding  my whole life! I wanted the big princess dress and the white horse the fancy bridal shower, all of it! The older I got the more movies I saw and the bigger my dreams for my wedding got. Then came collage suddenly the idea [...]

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It Didn’t Happen Overnight

Many Are Hurting but This Didn't Happen Overnight Many people in our country are hurting and confused for many different reasons that we can't all really seem to agree on, but if we all really speak honestly I think we could agree that it didn't happen overnight. Many of us are watching videos and reading [...]

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