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Hi guys! sorry, it has been so long since I’ve last posted! Trust me so much has happened! I am thrilled to be writing again!

Some of you may know this and for others this will be a complete shock. Two years ago 6 months into marriage Spencer and I decided we were ready to start trying to add to our family. We went to our doctor and asked what we should do to prepare health wise to have our best chance. I’m not sure if either of us at first ever thought conceiving a baby would be hard (we were newly weds after all) 

About four months in I started to share my concerns with my husband that maybe we should try this or that since it wasn’t happening.  Still we weren’t to worried. In fact we were more just letting things happen and not making a big deal of it most people in our lives had no clue we were even trying.

It wasn’t until one year and seeing many friends get pregnant that we  (I) started to really worry something might be wrong and this may not happen for us. We went back to the doctors and they had no clear reason why we were still not pregnant. 

I have met and talked with many ladies who have experienced infertility. I would be lying if i said i haven’t had moments of anger hurt jealousy and sadness. I have not always handled our situation with grace. It has been the most painful time in my life. Yet through it all the most rewarding time in my life.

Recently i have been connected with an online group of women who are all struggling and it has been so encouraging lifting each other up and praying for one another, that includes ladies who have had a child but struggle to have another ladies who have never been pregnant but desire to be ladies who are adopting ladies who are taking fertility medications and it is so special to go though this with other ladies who are believing in the Lord for their miracles as well!

If you are struggling check out In due time blog its very good! 

Today 2 years later Spencer and I are still trusting and believing for babies! We are really trusting the Lord and believing his promises for us. For us that means We believe we will have biological children. We do not know when but we fully trust that this is the Lords plan for us.

So we joyfully wait for our babies!

I want you to be encouraged friends we are all waiting for something! Seasons of waiting can be so hard but nothing feels better than resting and trusting in the Lord! 

What are you waiting for?

How can we pray for you?