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So many couples struggle during the first year of marriage so here are some lessons we learned that got us through that first year.


  1. COMMUNICATE can you read your spouse’s mind? Well, guess what they can’t read yours either! Don’t expect them to know what’s going on with you. Use your words and tell them it is so important because microscopic things can become astronomical things for simple lack of expressed feelings.
  2. SUBMIT to one another, both of you serve each other. There’s no room for selfishness in marriage.
  3. LOVE EACH OTHER that sounds simple enough right? Trust me, the first time he folds the towels wrong, or you throw out his favorite old ratty t-shirt you may not like each other for a moment, so choose to love each other every day in everything.
  4. READ THE BIBLE TOGETHER, AND PRAY TOGETHER. Grow closer to God and bonding over that will bring y’all even closer. Pray for one another every day and pray together.
  5. LEARN TO FIGHT FAIR. Don’t say things you don’t mean. Take a hot minute and cool down stop yourself before you say something you’ll likely regret. Even if it wasn’t your intention and it was said from a place of anger it can leave lasting emotional scars on your spouse.
  6. TALK ABOUT IMPORTANT THINGS like money. Fighting about it gets you nowhere!!! Make plans together and do not assume anything! Every decision now affects the both of you. So do not leave your spouse in the dark when it comes to making these choices.
  7. JUST SAY YES. Your husband is going to want to take a trip to the bat cave quite a bit more than you. It will more than likely make him feel really special if you say yes, even better if you initiate it.
  8. JUST SAY NO. Spend time together you need time to bond you don’t have to shut the world out but if mom and dad are asking you to come over for dinner every night just say, “no” you need to establish your own dynamics as a newly married couple. The routines you establish now will set you up for success, or come back to bite you.
  9. DRESS UP FOR EACHOTHER. It’s so tempting to stop shaving and wearing makeup once you get that ring, even though your husband loves you and thinks you are the most beautiful woman in the world, put some effort in and dress up for him every once in a while. Clean the house in yoga pants or something for Pete’s sake (husbands you are not excluded your wife would love to see you in something besides the boxer shorts that your mom bought for you at Christmas get dressed up for her and put on some nice cologne).
  10. SHOW EACHOTHER RESPECT. Husbands open doors for her. Wives let him open doors for you and pull your chair out. Ladies, I know y’all can open all the jars and reach the top shelves but let your husbands help you. Make them feel MANLY. It won’t hurt to puff up his ego a little bit.
  11. SMOOCH! Kiss-kiss all the time every chance you get long, or short doesn’t matter, but pucker up!
  12. FLIRT. Hold hands, send flirty text, a wink from across the room, just play around with each other. Make each other feel just as special and wanted as you did when y’all were first dating.
  13. LEAVE AND CLEAVE. You are married! Rely on one another, as tempting as it may be to let other people “in” your marriage; talk to each other and work through things together. Stop calling on mom and dad! Call on Jesus and each other!
  14. GO TO BED NUDY BOOTY!!! You are newlyweds ditch those dang gone flannels šŸ˜‰

I’d love to hear from y’all! What lessons did you learn in year one? What advice would you give to other newlyweds? Do you have any silly phrases you say in your home? (Nudy Booty is a favorite in ours.)

1 Year Anniversary 12-6-15 26