Life After The Wedding: Happily Ever After Starts Here

Life After The Wedding: Happily Ever After Starts Here

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My husband & I got married in 2014! Since then I’ve been loving the married life but realized how much hard work it is. I started this blog to give people encouragement & support on their marriage journey. With the help of my wonderful husbanded we have added a Blog, Podcast, & Online Shop.

Don’t Pity me Pray for me

Don't Pity me Pray for me We never saw this coming. Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, I dreamed of it so much I knew the exact day and year I would get [...]

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I can’t wait to post our first testimonial. Either for our store or one of our other works. Thank you for looking!
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We are working on editing and getting ready to post the first episode soon!

First Episode Coming soon!

We are recording and editing episodes now! Please check back or signup for our updates list.


Sometimes short and sweet other times a little longer and more serious.

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Everything you did and didn’t want to know about relationships including ours!


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